This site was developed to acquaint you with my background and professional activities, including my academic position, my clinical practice, my Psychology Today blog, and my book, A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex—the only self-help book with research proving it increases sex drive and sexual arousal in women who read it.

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From "Honey, I'm too tired" to "Honey, I'm waiting . . ."

“Honey, I’m too tired” may sound like just another excuse—but for millions of American women, it’s simply the truth. They may settle for no sex at all or the obligatory “I’d better do this for my marriage” sex—often to the detriment of their relationships. In this guide, Dr. Laurie B. Mintz shows women how to bring their libido back to life—and put the passion back into their lives.

Mintz, a psychologist and sex expert, has been there—both personally and professionally. She shares her own story, as well as the stories of her many clients, as she puts forward her foolproof six-step plan designed to excite and energize even the weariest of stressed-out women. Complete with case studies and exercises, this sex-cure-in-a-book is all readers need to feel strong, sexy, and sensual again!

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