Workshops & Presentations

Workshops and Presentations

Dr. Mintz has given over 70 papers at professional conferences.  Please see her CV for a detailed listing. Below please find a sampling of presentations given to lay audiences.

  • No Faking It: An Open Forum on Sexuality.  Presentation given to over 50 sorority and fraternity members at the University of Florida.
  • Center for Healthy Sex Sex Expert Webinar Series
  • Becoming Cliterate: From Student to Sexpert.  Presentation given to over 50 students at Union College, Schenectady NY.
  • Female Orgasm: Fact and Fiction.  Presentation given to over 75 students in the UF Neuroscience Club, 2/2017.

  • The Power of Words: How Communication Can Change Your Life. Presentation given to over 500 adults attending One Day University, St. Petersburg, Florida, 11/2016.

  • Let’s Talk About Sex!  Presentation given to 100 students in the University of Florida Psychology Club, 4/2014.

  • Girls Night Out: A Conversation with Laurie Mintz.  Presentation given to 30 women at the Little Vineyards Winery, Sonoma, CA, 10/2012.

  • Sexual Passion in Mid-Life: Why It’s Important & What You Can Do To Achieve It.  Presentation given to 50 adult members of the Inside Edge Organization, Irvine, CA, 2/2012.

  • Sex Tips for Tired Moms. Presentation given to 40 members of the San Francisco Mom’s Club, Belmont, CA, 9/2011.

  • No Time or Energy for Sex?  Tips for Moms-of-Multiples.  Presentation given to 25 members of the Mothers-of-Multiples Club, Columbia, MO, 9/2011

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