Workshops and Presentations

Dr. Mintz has given over 70 papers at professional conferences.  Please see her CV for a detailed listing. Below please find a sampling of presentations given to lay audiences.

  • Becoming Cliterate:  Keynote presentation given to about 100 students at Harvard University’s annual Sex Week.
  • Sex in the Swamp:  Part of a four-person, hour-long  SEXpert panel for this campus educational event in which over 150 University of Florida students asked anonymous question via a phone app. Sponsored by University of Florida Student Health Care Center and Alpha Lambda Chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma at UF.
  • Becoming Cliterate:  Book Signing and Talk.  Presentation given to over 100 students at the University of Florida, sponsored by the Department of Psychology and the Center for Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies Research
  • Becoming Cliterate with Dr. Laurie Mintz.  Presentation given to about 20 students at the University of Florida as part of Cupid’s Consent Week, sponsored by GatorWell’s STRIVE (Sexual Trauma Interpersonal Violence Education), UF Women’s Student Association, and Planned Parenthood Generation Action UF
  • No Faking It: An Open Forum on Sexuality.  Presentation given to over 50 sorority and fraternity members at the University of Florida.
  • Center for Healthy Sex Sex Expert Webinar Series
  • Becoming Cliterate: From Student to Sexpert.  Presentation given to over 50 students at Union College, Schenectady NY.
  • Female Orgasm: Fact and Fiction.  Presentation given to over 75 students in the UF Neuroscience Club, 2/2017.

  • The Power of Words: How Communication Can Change Your Life. Presentation given to over 500 adults attending One Day University, St. Petersburg, Florida, 11/2016.

  • Let’s Talk About Sex!  Presentation given to 100 students in the University of Florida Psychology Club, 4/2014.

  • Girls Night Out: A Conversation with Laurie Mintz.  Presentation given to 30 women at the Little Vineyards Winery, Sonoma, CA, 10/2012.

  • Sexual Passion in Mid-Life: Why It’s Important & What You Can Do To Achieve It.  Presentation given to 50 adult members of the Inside Edge Organization, Irvine, CA, 2/2012.

  • Sex Tips for Tired Moms. Presentation given to 40 members of the San Francisco Mom’s Club, Belmont, CA, 9/2011.

  • No Time or Energy for Sex?  Tips for Moms-of-Multiples.  Presentation given to 25 members of the Mothers-of-Multiples Club, Columbia, MO, 9/2011

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