Radio Interviews

Dr. Mintz has appeared on multiple radio shows; a brief sampling is listed below.  Please contact Dr. Mintz for a more complete listing or for MP3 files not linked here




Click below to listen to Dr. Laurie Mintz discussing Becoming Cliterate on Pleasure Mechanics (2017):


  • Psych Up with host Dr. Suzanne Phillips (2013)
  • Topical Currents, National Public Radio, WLRN Radio with host Joseph Cooper (2010)
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio: Doctor Radio, Sexual Health with host Dr. Miriam Greene (2010)
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio: Doctor Radio, Sexual Health, with host Dr. Virginia Sadock (2009 and 2010)
  • The Sex & Intimacy Show with hosts Dr. Neil Cannon and Elaina McMillan (2009)
  • The Lionel Show/Air America (2009)
  • Playboy Radio: Afternoon Advice with host Tiffany Graff (2009)